Your kids will love VBS


Our ever-popular Vacation Bible School (VBS) was on again last year for children aged from 5 to 12. The theme was Mystery Island.


VBS always takes a lot of preparation, and because of coronavirus restrictions we have had to cut it back a little. But this year it will be back again!


Vacation Bible School is packed with teaching that connects the Bible to the world and gives kids a better understanding of our awe-inspiring Creator and the salvation he offers through Jesus Christ.


If you have kids, watch out for our Vacation Bible School mid-year. It's a fun-filled week of activities, with games, making things, plays, and learning about God in a safe, Christian environment. 

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Great Hope's popular good news tract, "The Greatest Story Ever Told", has now reached thousands of people in surrounding suburbs. 

Pray with us that those who read it will either be blessed enough to commit their lives to Jesus Christ or will seek more information about salvation from the church or other Christians.